7 Tips To Maintain Body Fitness During Fasting for Pregnant Women

You are very concerned about the health of your fetus, when entering the month of Ramadan include wondering whether pregnant women fast?

Actually, pregnant women in Ramadan have been given a dispensation for not doing fasting. This involves the intake of nutrients to the fetus.

Although most expectant mothers are strong in fasting fetal nutrition should not be ignored. 

In research conducted that pregnant women fasting and pregnant women who are not fasting with the same intake of nutrition did not experience differences, both from health and intelligence of the baby after birth. 

Entering the second and third trimesters is likely to have a higher level of strength to perform fasting than pregnant women in the first trimester with disturbing pregnancy symptoms.

In addition to holding food in accordance with the stipulated time, fasting when pregnant women means to maintain the intake of nutrients when meal and break the fast. 

Before you decide to fast should consult with your obstetrician so as to provide advice in accordance with the health of the fetus. 

If the health of the fetus declared to support fasting then you can perform fasting and do not interfere with the development of the fetus.

Doctors usually give a weight assessment, if your weight during early pregnancy does not reach 3.4 - 4 kg or at the end of pregnancy increase is still below 12.5 - 14 kg then it is advisable not to fast because it is feared will interfere with the development of the fetus.

As an active pregnant mother is important if to maintain fitness in order to perform daily activities to avoid excessive fatigue. 

In doing the fast during pregnancy you definitely have to provide extra energy to have enough spirits.

Here are tips for pregnant women in maintaining fitness during fasting

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Nutritious meal menu

Choose the Sahur menu that has nutrients that meet the needs of the fetus and maintain your health during fasting, the recommended composition is complex carbohydrates, protein both vegetable and animal, and fat. Consumption of vegetables and fruits should not be abandoned so that your digestion remains smooth and avoid hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

Eat with small portions but often

not only in pregnant women, people who fast usually experience a decreased appetite, so eat a little easy to satiety. Remember that there is a healthy fetus that must always be maintained so that you can manage it with small portions and often in accordance with the nutrients needed.

Drink plenty of water

Lack of drinking water throughout the day will make you dehydrated, you can share drinking water intake when it is breaking and dawn. Needs drinking water 8 glasses every day, 4 glasses at dawn and 4 glass after breaking. No need at once 4 glasses, you can share it on several occasions.

Enough rest

arranging rest time is very important for the health of the fetus and you during fasting, replace by making nutrient dense food and easy to do does not require a long time and have high nutrition.

Consumption of vitamins

Not every vitamin can be consumed for pregnant women, in addition to the material contained should be consulted with the doctor, the portion of the vitamin should be guided by the doctor so that the benefits of vitamins can be of maximum benefit to your health and the fetus.

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Drinking milk for pregnant women

You can drink milk when you eat and break your fast. Special milk of pregnant women is very good in assisting your fetal development.


By doing sports before breaking the fast but less than usual.

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