Cut Baby's Nails . Just Follow These 5 Tips!

Cutting newborn nails, especially a newborn, may scare you, especially if this is your first experience. 

No Need to Fear Again Cut your Baby Nails. Just Follow These Tips!

However, you should keep cutting it out because even though the baby's nails look soft, the fingernails can still hurt him and others.

The baby has not been able to control his movements properly. Therefore, it is important to keep the nails short to avoid scratching and injuring oneself. 

Especially when your child has started to interact with friends who his age. Newborn nails can injure his friend unintentionally.

Cut the baby's nails should be careful because if wrong or miss, which is even our baby's nails are injured. For that here are tips for cutting the baby's nails safely

The best time to cut your nails

Given the uncontrolled movement of the baby, it is advisable to cut his nails when he is fast asleep. Or it could be after bathing because in this condition the nails are softer.

If you decide to do so when you wake up, you can ask someone for help holding and keeping your baby so that you do not move much when you cut his nails.

Choose the right nail clippers

If your baby is a few weeks old, it is advisable to cut his nails using only nail carvers. At that age, the baby's nails are still very soft. 

If you wear nail clippers, it is feared you can hurt his finger, especially for those of you who are not used to doing it. Wearing a nail cutter for baby is the safest method.

You can also tidy up using baby nail clippers. This type of scissors has a blunt, not as sharp tip as your usual nail clippers.

Determine the position

Make sure you get a comfortable position that can reach his hand. 

Maybe you can put your little one in your lap. 

Also, make sure the room stays bright, so you can see the boundary between the fingernails and the skin of his finger clearly.

Nail cutting technique baby

Fang the finger you want to cut out. Press the tip of the skin of your little finger to make it easier for you to cut his nails. 

If you see there are still a few nails left but are afraid to cut them out, you can take advantage of the nail mind.

Tidy the fingernails of the child's hands follow the original grooves of his nails. As for the toenails, you can cut it straight.

If you do not intentionally injure the tip of his finger

If this happens, you do not need to panic or feel guilty. Immediately clean the wound with cold water, then dress with a tissue and apply some pressure to the wound. Usually, within minutes the bleeding will stop.

Avoid putting the plaster on the wound, because he still put his finger into the mouth, which then this can make your baby choking.

Given the rapid growth of baby's nails, you are advised to cut your nails at least once a week. For toenails, growth is slower. So you may be able to cut it out twice a month.

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