Tips On Breastfeeding During Ramadan

Tips on breastfeeding during Ramadan - Fasting in Ramadan is mandatory for every Muslim, including pregnant and lactating mothers. But the religion of Islam has given leeway for pregnant and lactating women not to fast by fasting at a later time and paying fidyah. At the time of Ramadan, we average fast for 14 hours, and the body can still compensate for the shortage of fasting at the time of breaking until the time of dawn.

Tips On Breastfeeding During Ramadan

Although mothers do not eat for 14 hours, the composition of breast milk will not change or decrease in quality compared to when not fasting. Therefore, the body will perform a compensation mechanism by taking the reserves of nutrients, namely energy, fat and protein and vitamins and minerals, from body deposits. Once the mother breaks the fast, the body will replace the food reserve with nutrients that are reduced so that the mother will not lack nutrition to meet the activities and maintain a healthy body.

The composition of new breast milk will be reduced in mothers who suffer from severe malnutrition because there is no longer a reserve of nutrients that can supply the needs of complete milk production.

However, it is highly recommended for mothers who are still breastfeeding exclusively to delay fasting or not fasting. In the Islamic religion. Mothers are given relief to breastfeed and do not fast during Ramadan. Because during breastfeeding. Breast milk is the only fluid and nutrient intake for infants. At this time, the mother's body metabolism works diligently to continuously produce milk with complete composition.

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When deciding to run the fasting Ramadan, the following tips are very beneficial for mothers for fasting in Ramadan to stay fluent.

Provide foods with a balanced nutritional intake

Breastfeeding mothers do require an additional 700 calories per day, 500 calories taken from mother's diet and 200 calories taken from fat reserves in the mother's body. Therefore, it is important for breastfeeding mothers who are fasting to maintain a 3x diet a day with a balanced diet. At dawn, when breaking the fast and before bed.

Eating sahur will produce useful energy for our activities that day. The composition of food with balanced nutrition will produce good food juice for children.

Expand the consumption of fluids

Starting from breaking until dawn. If you can drink a lot of water for a day as much as two liters, coupled with other types of liquids such as fruit juice, honey, and milk.

Drinking a glass of milk each meal can reduce the threat of anemia for pregnant and lactating women. Breaking the fast by drinking warm drinks, will stimulate the smooth milk for nursing mothers.

Enough rest

Feeling limp when fasting is a common thing, especially if you have just breastfed. Try to take a break, whether by sleep or just relaxed calm the mind. Breastfeeding mothers need to know, that the more milk sucked by the baby, the milk production will be more and more. So, if during fasting the mother remains diligent breastfeeding, breast milk will remain smooth.

Stay calm and confident

the mother should remain calm in worship and confident to continue breastfeeding, do not worry her milk will be reduced, because the anxiety will actually block the hormone oxytocin work out breast milk, so it will appear as if the mother's milk is reduced. Remember that breastfeeding is also worship.

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Drink honey, dates, and habbtussauda

By drinking honey, dates and Black Seed, it is expected the quantity and quality of breast milk is maintained because honey, dates and Black Seed is a natural vitamin and the composition is complete

Mother works

If the mother works, you should keep pumping milk at work, because if breast milk is not released then milk production will decrease. If the mother has a high enough activity during Ramadan, may need to be considered not to fast when the baby suckles, because in Islam there is a relief for breastfeeding mothers.

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