Parents Need to Know. The Shape Of Fad On The Development Of Children Aged Under 1 Year

Parents Need to Know. The shape of fad on the development of children aged under 1 year - The stage of child development is a very crucial thing which is naturally followed by the emergence of new capabilities that must have if it has reached a certain age. Especially on the development of children 1 year of love to be missed by parents.

The shape of fad on the development of children aged under 1 year.

There are some children's skills that naturally look more clear, eg their instinct to play, learn new things around them, say things, and perform certain actions as their sense of curiosity increases when they reach the age of a year.

The development of other 1-year-old children related emotions, communication skills, moves, mental, and cognitive of course different from children under the age. This is the attention of parents to the development of children running properly.

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Child 1 year ability

In children aged 12 months, will likely be able to walk gradually. Even some babies can walk at the age of one year.

The strength of his bones that have been able to support the body makes the child a year more moving. He also chatters more often and is likely to be noisier than before.

In addition to increased activity, the development of children 1 year is also marked with the ability to respond to adult speech. At that age, the child will be more easily invited to communicate in two directions, for example, have started to be able to point to objects that we say. In addition, one-year-olds can be taught manners, such as saying thank you and help.

Their behavior will also be easier directed by parents or nannies this age will be more easily persuaded, for example, to help parents or caregivers tidy up toys. But parents should not be surprised that this time the child has a more impulsive character development, such as a toy.

Other forms of delinquency of the child are throwing, pushing, and hitting objects that are nearby. They also gladly opened the closet just to take out all the objects in it for later made into a toy.

In fact, banging objects nearby, such as pots and pans would become his new habit. At this time, there is an inner joy when they hear a loud voice.

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Emotional child development

If on the one hand it can be concluded that the game they enjoy now seems rowdier than before, but there are some emotional developments that also appeared in children aged one year, namely

  • Crying while in the father and mother's life.
  • Feeling nervous or embarrassed when meeting someone new or known
  • Have a certain affinity for someone
  • Start showing favorite toys or similar actions that are often done
  • To get the attention of the people around, they will usually repeat a certain action or sound.
  • In the face of certain situations, children aged 1 year will show fear
  • Been smart when invited to play peek a bo
  • Willing to lend a hand or foot when wearing clothes and pants

Seeing the development of children 1 year may be frustrating considering the behavior of those who now often make the house a mess. In addition, parents also sometimes feel worried about leaving a child aged 1 year because often cry when in work. But calm down, Because now that will make you remember and remember it

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