Parents Obliged to Read, Mistakes That Often Do New Parents

Parents Obliged to Read, Mistakes That Often Do New Parents - All parents want the best for their children. You will want to take care of your child wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, not all parents do the right way. Not infrequently, Some mistakes made because they feel confused.

Being a parent is not an easy job, especially in the first experience. That's why it's important to make mistakes that new parents often make, in order to avoid those mistakes this is a little help for new parents.

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Best advice for new parents

Recognize various errors

The arrival of a baby is not like we buy goods that have been accompanied by guidebooks. Here are some common mistakes parents make, which you can use as a guide.

Easily influenced by others

When Little is born, either in-laws or parents usually come to dominate the way you care for newborns. Or, a variety of information from the internet that will affect your baby care techniques. Though you and Little have an inner bond that has been created even before she was born. For that reason, you can begin to believe in your instincts as mothers rather than listen to suggestions from others that are not necessarily what your baby needs.

Difficult Accustomed to new sleep routines

For new parents, sleep will be a very valuable time. The possibility of new parents can only sleep for a few hours every night. But every child has different sleep patterns, so do not worry when hearing other babies have longer sleep time, In fact, 50% of 2-year-olds are still awake in the middle of the night. So it's not just you who feel it, but many other parents.

Confused with the crying baby

Some say to immediately hold the baby, while others suggest staying silent to see if the crying will subside by itself. Well, this is when you need to listen to the instinct as a mother. Weeping is the baby's way of communicating. Take advantage of the mother's instinct to feel what the little boy needs, and to ease her cry.

Ignore the couple

Breastfeeding, cuddling, to change the baby diaper is a routine that you should do and would be quite draining. Even so, do not make this a reason to forget the attention to the husband. If necessary, take a special day to date with your husband. You can entrust your child to family or people you trust, to take care of him for a few hours. Having a child does not mean the intimacy of husband and wife should be reduced.

Less use of siesta time

According to the study, parents lose 400-750 hours in the first year of childhood. For that, you should optimize nap time to cover your sleep deprivation at night. Ignore the other homework first for a while, When your baby is sleeping, you should also go to sleep to get fresh when waking up.

Excessive reaction or panic

Many new parents are overreacting to complaints, such as vomiting or fever. Usually, this happens in the first year. In order not to make this mistake, secure yourself with sufficient knowledge about infant health, from a reliable source. Try to calm down because of panic can make you take a decision or perform actions that are not wise.

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Less focus on healing after childbirth

Your baby is just born, and his health is important to note. However, do not forget also that you are in the post-birth recovery period. Especially if you give birth by cesarean section. You need to eat foods with good nutrition, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest to speed up your recovery.

Too confusing little thing

New parents are generally very detailed on small things like this, but there are many important things that still have to think. To think of small things that are not important can make you feel stressed. you should not be too concerned about these small things, and let everything run just fine.

As a parent, it is only natural that you often feel worried, however, the worries will diminish as you experience and the age of your child. If you feel overwhelmed by the circumstances, do not hesitate to ask for help. However, you should ask for help from family or trusted experts.

Making mistakes as a parent is a natural thing. However, it would be nice if you can avoid these mistakes. Let's optimize and enjoy the times of caring for your baby.

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