Healthy Menu Open Fasting And Sahur For Breastfeeding Mothers

Healthy Menu Open Fasting And Sahur For Breastfeeding Mothers - Breastfeeding is not a reason for mothers not to fast. Even so, Mother still has to pay attention to nutrition so that body does not limp and supply of milk remain many and also qualified for baby.

Healthy Menu Open Fasting And Sahur For Breastfeeding Mothers

Well, will provide some guidance and breakfasting menu tips for breastfeeding mothers are certainly healthy and baby mothers still get exclusive breastfeeding.

Eat lots of carbohydrates

When breastfeeding, the mother will surely spend a lot of calories. For that, you need to replace the calories released with carbohydrates when breaking the fast. Carbohydrates also serve to meet the needs of milk production. The same thing also needs to do during the meal. Incoming calories should be more. However, you also need to set the schedule to eat in order not to eat many meals at once.

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Drink lots of water

Water is very good for mothers because it can replace fluids lost during breastfeeding. Begin your fast with plenty of water. Whitewater is very useful for mothers who will face fasting with breastfeeding. Drinking 3 to 4 glasses at dawn is badly needed for nursing mothers.

Similarly, when breaking the fast, fluid replacement must be done quickly. Water will also avoid the mother from gastrointestinal diseases.

Consumption of juice and fruit at dawn

Juice and fruit contain complete nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Not only that, juice can also meet the liquid content and a provision during the fasting all day. You can choose fruit that is rich in water. You can also replace it with milk because of the complete vitamin and nutritional content.

Balanced nutrition at dawn

At the time of a meal, the mother may think to add food in consumption. It's true you have to add incoming calories. However, you also need to balance the nutrients. Too much rice will increase the sugar levels in the body that causes the body to become easily weakened. Adding portions of green vegetables and fruits can be a healthy alternative menu for sahur.

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Protein is important to break the fast

Not only vegetables and fruits, when breaking fast the mother also needs a variety of protein either from animal or vegetable. Eggs to meat need mother input into the menu iftar and meal for nursing mothers. Proteins have a good function to replace body cells that may be damaged or not functioning properly during fasting.

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