Fasting While Breastfeeding, Important Facts About Fasting For Nursing Mothers

Fasting While Breastfeeding, Important Facts About Fasting For Nursing Mothers - The holy month of Ramadan will soon arrive, all Muslims around the world will be preparing to welcome this moment and undergo fasting. Likewise with breastfeeding mothers. Although allowed to not fast while breastfeeding, some nursing mothers still feel the longing to participate fasting in this holy month. But in fact, safe fasting for breastfeeding mothers.

fasting while breastfeeding

For those of you who are still breastfeeding, may wonder whether fasting in the month of Ramadan is safe for both mothers and breastfed baby? Because, at the time of fasting, the body more fluid loss due to changes in diet and sleep.

Muslim fasting times is from the dawn until the setting of the sun or when the margin and breastfeeding mothers will be more short of body fluids because of the time we will perform fasting

In addition to security issues, you may also be curious about the impact of fasting on breast milk production as well as maternal and infant health. In fact, you do not have to worry. Basically, fasting or decreasing calorie intake will not affect milk production. If weight loss occurs during fasting, this condition will only affect milk production. If weight loss occurs during fasting, this will affect the fat content in breast milk, not the amount.

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Tips when the mother keeps breastfeeding during fasting

If you are more interested to participate in fasting while breastfeeding your baby, consider some fasting tips for breastfeeding mothers below.

Pay attention to intake healthy ramadan meal plan at dawn

After undergoing the fasting to adzan maghrib reverberate, generally, Muslims will undergo a meal. At this time, it is important for you to pay attention to what is good for your consumption. Because the food and liquid you consume during the meal is a backup of nutrients and calories during fasting. For that, sahur is very important. The good food choices for nursing mothers include broccoli, spinach, katuk leaves, eggs, salmon, lean meats, and kidney beans. Breastfeeding mothers can also add vitamin D supplements at dawn which is known to be good for nursing mothers.

Prevent dehydration

fasting for nursing mothers is not dangerous. However, dehydration while breastfeeding can be dangerous if the breastfeeding mother experiences symptoms of dehydration, such as feeling thirsty, dizzy, weak, tired, dry mouth and others, it is advisable to immediately break the fast by consuming water or fluids containing electrolytes to rehydrate the mouth. Therefore, it is advisable to consume enough fluids during the meal and also break the fast to replace fluids lost during fasting. Breastfeeding mothers are also advised to drink more at dawn, through nutrition and calories are equally important.

Preparation and fasting while breastfeeding

as a breastfeeding mother, you must still run the task at home and maybe work in the office. Try to do the hard work when it's breaking the fast. And make sure you are in the shade and rest enough during fasting and breastfeeding. If in need, record the food and drinks you consume during fasting. This will help measure the nutrients and fluids you consume. Studies show that during fasting the potassium, magnesium and zinc content contained in breast milk can be reduced. Feel it by eating foods that contain these three nutrients, or you can add supplements. Understand what the body feels, if you feel unwell, consult your doctor immediately.

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In addition to observing some fasting tips for breastfeeding moms above, you also need to remember that if you really want to run the fast, consider the liquid you consume. Because breastfeeding can make you dehydrated as a result of a loss of body fluids. When dehydration strikes, the body not only feels thirsty but also feels hungry, tired, sleepy, and emotional. Be sure to drink water to speed up replacement of lost body fluids. So, before deciding to fast while breastfeeding, consider also whether your baby is still under 6 months or is in need of exclusive breastfeeding. You can also ask your doctor before deciding to fast.

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