Tips On Washing Baby Clothes Safely

Tips On Washing Baby Clothes Safely - Having a baby is the most beautiful gift that parents feel. however, it is not uncommon for parents to feel the hassle when taking care of baby equipment, including how to wash baby clothes safely.

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When buying baby clothes, look at the label. Note the recommended washing procedures. Although washing baby clothes by hand can be done, it can take a lot of time and energy. Should choose baby clothes that can be cleaned with a washing machine, especially for baby clothes are worn every day.

Some things to consider when washing baby clothes, among others

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Appropriate detergent

Some of us will ask do i need special detergent for baby clothes? or is all baby detergent safe for newborns? Some babies need a special detergent on the clothes they wear, especially for babies who have sensitive skin because for babies who have sensitive skin they will be more susceptible to allergies.

Unlike babies who do not have these complaints. They can use using a detergent as we use at home.

We can choose liquid detergent instead of powder because it is much easier to rinse off clothes. With the risk of causing irritation on the baby's skin will be lower by using liquid detergent.

When wanting to replace detergent, do a test on one shirt first to see if there is a skin reaction. Then we will ask can I use fabric softener on baby cloth? We Should avoid detergents that use supplementary ingredients because it can cause skin irritation.

Pay attention to the material of baby clothes

Washing the baby clothes with a washing machine will certainly help to lighten the job. However, look again the materials of the clothes in question. Some types of clothes cannot be washed with a washing machine. Preferably before buying baby clothes, pay attention to the treatment

Watch the water temperature

We will surely wonder what temperature to wash baby clothes? Baby clothes can be washed with warm water to warm temperatures between 30-40 degrees Celsius. But if not possible, We can use water with normal temperature.

Soak the clothes

Baby clothes cannot be separated from stains. Starting from the stains of milk, vomit or defecate. The easiest way to remove the stain is to wash it immediately.

However, if the stain has already been attached, then we can try to remove it by soaking in water and detergent. If necessary, use stain remover that has been previously safe for baby clothes.

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Separate diapers cloth

Avoid using detergents with harsh chemicals on baby cloth diapers. Use special baby and hot water detergents. Rinse cloth diapers at least twice so that the rest of the soap is completely gone. If necessary, when washing cloth diapers, separate them with other baby clothes.

Before baby clothes are used, wash them first until clean, so that dust or other materials that can disrupt the baby's skin can be lost. Some types of outerwear, such as jackets, need not be washed before use. For baby gear with adhesive, hook it before washing or wiggling so as not to get caught in other clothes.

Babies have different skin types with adults. Notice more about the ingredients of clothing and how to wash it on the label. Consult a doctor if the baby's skin is irritated

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