Choice of Healthy Meals For Infants Aged 4-12 Months

In medical science, infants have begun to be given additional supplements in addition to breast milk at the age of 4-6 months and over. 


Choice of Healthy Meals For Infants Aged 4-12 Months

In order for its development is going well, it is advisable to give healthy baby food and good food for infants according to his age.

At this age, the baby's digestion can already process solid foods. In addition, babies also have started to need more nutrients than breast milk. For example, at this age, the supply of natural substances in the baby's body begins to decrease so that it requires additional intake so as not to lack nutrients.

Look at your baby, if he can do things below.

  • Weight has doubled from birth weight
  • He was able to lift his neck and head
  • The little guy gets interested in what you eat like trying to hold food off your plate
  • Seen hunger despite freshly milked
  • He can hold food in his mouth

If your child is able to show the things above, it means he is ready to be given solid food.

Mother can provide healthy finger foods for baby with healthiest baby food recipes for babies.

Cereal made from one type of grain and already given additional iron. You can mix with breast milk, formula, or mineral water. Additional menus can be given to infants aged 4-6 months

Yogurt. You may introduce yogurt to a 6-month-old baby. The content of high calcium and vitamin D in yogurt can have a good effect on the development of bones and teeth. In addition, your baby also does not get sick easily because yogurt can boost the immune system and support heart and brain health. 

You can choose non-flavored yogurt and no added sugar. Then, add to the smoothed fruits like bananas, apples, or avocados. You can also provide additional milk or formula to make it thin for easy swallowing.

Vegetable dark green foliage. This type of food contains iron and folate high is good for health. The best choice you can give to your baby is spinach and organic baby food.

Broccoli. In addition to calcium, fiber, and folate are good for the development of his body. Broccoli is also endowed with sulfur content. 

This content can give a unique taste in the tongue that can make the baby familiar with various types of flavors. Not only that, broccoli also contain anti-cancer.

Pure polish. These foods are rich in protein and fiber.

Mandarin orange. The taste of vitamin C-rich and antioxidant substances is highly preferred by infants. You can give it as finger food.

Pumpkin. This vegetable has a naturally sweet taste and creamy texture. In addition to delicious food, pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and C

Meat. Some mothers assume if the meat is not suitable for babies because of the harsh texture. However, it depends on how to cook. 

Cooking the right meat for babies is to boil for a long time so that the texture is soft and easy to cut into small pieces or in the puree. 

Eating meat is good for babies because it contains zinc and iron. Meat can already be given to infants aged 6-8 months and over.

At this age, the baby does not give priority to food that spoils his tongue. He only eats to meet the needs when hungry. 

So, avoid foods that contain many additional flavors such as sugar. Babies do not need sugar.

keeping the child away from this substance can help prevent it from tooth decay. To give a sweet taste, you can add breast milk, formula, or fruits to baby food.

Do not give too much salt, because salt is not good for kidney health.

In addition, avoid giving food types such as honey, nuts, raw or half-baked, marine fish species suspected to contain mercury, raw oysters, foods with high saturated fat content, and low-fat foods.

By providing healthy foods for babies according to age, you can have a baby with a healthy body

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