This Is The Cause Of Coughing Up The Baby

This is the cause of coughing up the baby  - Coughing up phlegm in babies can certainly make babies uncomfortable. For that, parents need to understand how to handle a cough with phlegm baby quickly.

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The most common cough for babies is the virus, which usually also causes colds (common cold). Although there are other causes such as whooping cough, bronchiolitis (inflammation of the airbag inside the lungs), croup cough (caused by a viral infection around the respiratory tract and larynx or vocal cords voice box), a cough that is not due to an infection such as asthma.

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Efforts to clean the lungs and throat

If a dry cough will be itchy and without mucus, then cough with phlegm will produce mucus to help clear the respiratory tract.

Phlegm is thicker than nasal fluid or commonly called snot. The phlegm is produced by the lower respiratory tract such as the lungs and the surrounding respiratory system, not the nasal or sinus that produce snot.

To note, cough is a reflex that the body to clean the respiratory tract of mucus and other disturbing substances such as dust or smoke.

In a dry cough, cough is an attempt to relieve itching in the throat. whereas, in a cough with phlegm, the cough is an attempt to remove mucus from the lungs. A cough is also an attempt to clear the mucus from the back of the throat. This often happens if the baby has a cold and mucus flowing down the throat.

Which is often not less disturbing, coughing is often accompanied by fever in infants or a sore throat, and the nose full of mucus or clogged. Also not infrequently accompanied by red eyes, swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, neck, or the back of the head to cause the baby to be fussy.

How to relieve a cough with phlegm in infants

One of the most effective ways to deal with viscous fluids such as sputum is to increase fluid intake. It will also help the baby's body cope with the infection.

We can also use steam hot water in an enclosed room to help relieve baby's breathing.

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Keep in mind, avoid free medication without consulting a doctor to cough up phlegm in infants. Also, avoid giving honey to babies under one year of age, this is to avoid the possibility of food arousal.

Although not to worry about an excessive cough with phlegm in infants, beware if the phlegm begins to change color to green, yellow, or brownish with odor. Sputum colored and smelly can indicate the occurrence of infection and require immediate medical attention.

In addition, consult a doctor if the cough sputum on the baby does not improve after five days, cough worse, hard to breathe, or accompanied by a fever of 38 degrees Celsius for infants under 6 months of age.

Including when the baby coughs very hard to vomit and babies who do have chronic diseases such as the lungs or heart.

Pay close attention and always keep an eye on our child and get in touch with the pediatrician who regularly takes care of your child

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