Stop Wearing Baby Walker If You Do not Want Baby Injured

Stop Wearing Baby Walker If You Do not Want Baby Injured - Baby walkers are actually designed to make it easier for baby to move while they are practicing walking. Even so, its use must continue to be considered by the parents because it turns out this tool can cause serious accidents.

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If the baby walker is still on your baby's preparation list, it may be time to revisit. Thousands of babies a year in various countries have been in an accident while using this tool. Hundreds of babies must be taken to the emergency room.

Three out of ten infants with head injuries suffered cracking of the cranium from a collision with a hard surface. Worse, there are some babies who die from injury while using a baby walker. This tool is even already forbidden to sell and use in Canada. The government there also threatened the parents who were found to have this thing with 100,000 dollars or six months in prison jail.

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Baby walkers are generally sold in baby gear stores as deck toys that are claimed to have been designed to train babies to learn to walk. The kids walking toys is tucked into a chair with a circular buffer around the baby with a wheel underneath which allows the baby to shift it everywhere using a foot push.

Experts have found that these toys can slow the motor of a practicing baby to be able to sit, crawl, and walk. Even a baby walker can slow down the baby's mental development.

The toy also does not support the baby's development on any side. Babies who use this tool proved to be no faster than those who did not use it at all. This may be because the muscles trained when the baby is using a baby walker are different from the muscles being trained when the baby uses a different baby walker with the muscles and coordination that the baby uses when practicing walking as usual.

Some parents think that the baby walker can make the baby so busy that parents can do other things in a short time. Yet when wearing this tool, babies precisely the most need to be supervised. During this time, babies who use baby walkers experience various cases, such as

The fingers are pinned when the baby holds the end of the buffer and the baby walker hits the wall or furniture.

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Slipping off the stairs. falling from the ladder is the most frequent accidents infant baby walker users. Falling babies are at risk of having a traumatic concussion and fracture. The wheels on the bottom of the baby walker make the baby easily slid and injured even though the movement is in the guard of an adult or even already there is a guardrail on the stairs. The wheel makes the baby walker unstable on an uneven surface. This wheel even makes the tool and your baby can move a meter in seconds, triggering a risk for you to not reach and stop it.

Falling over. The baby is at risk of falling over when his body tilts to the right / left above the baby walker because his head is still heavier than his body.

Can make it able to reach dangerous objects such as hot water, fire, drugs.

Make babies more easily hit and hit furniture or other dangerous objects.

Experts surrender parents not to put their babies on the object instead, bring the baby to a lively activity on a clean floor in a safe room so he is free to crawl, sit, and practice walking. Holding both hands while asking them to learn to walk will be safer than using the tool.

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