7 Month Baby, He Started To Crawl

7-month baby, he started to crawl - When the muscles of the hands and feet, especially the knee is strong, baby 7 months generally have started to crawl. This activity has also become the preparation of muscle strengthening so it can run.

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At this age, in addition to starting to crawl, itching due to teething makes it more often to insert objects into the mouth for the bite. He also began to be able to sit unaided or in a horn. Regarding the mean body weight, a 7 month old baby boy will generally weigh 6.7 - 10.2 kg with a length of about 65.1 - 73.2 cm, while the baby girl weighs 6.1 - 9, 6 kg with length 6.2 - 71 cm.

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Motor ability

We or all parents will ask what should my 7 month old be doing?

At this age, though most babies will learn to crawl, some go straight and not through the crawl phase, some do not crawl forward, but retreat.

There is nothing to worry about as long as the baby is able to coordinate both body parts, both hands, and feet well. Only, to keep in mind, avoid using a baby walker that is claimed to help the baby walk. this means can actually harm the baby.

Also, make sure the floor is clean and all the furniture in your house is removed to keep the baby safe and avoid the accident

A 7-month-old baby can rotate and hold his back to sit longer. He also began to organize and group his toys into small or large size categories

To practice his motor skills, we can invite him to play a more complicated game. Place one of the toys on the floor, cover with a cloth, open the cloth and say a happy expression, "Here it is", then close again and repeat. He will be paying attention to missing objects and appearing repeatedly. Besides the game "peek a boo"

At this age, you can begin to take the baby to stop using bottles and start introducing the cup. The cup that can be used at this age is a Sippy cup with two side handlers and a muzzle or a conical section that makes it easy for baby to drink. Introducing early cups makes it easier for babies to stop using bottles.

7 month development

Ability to communicate

His memory has worked so well that he can remember familiar sounds. He can also understand simple words, such as "no", "ma-ma", or "da-da" while waving. In addition to starting chattering with more complex vocabulary, 7-month-old baby can understand the prohibition we give by saying "no".

Social skills

A 7-month-old baby can already be seen to test your authority by refusing to follow our direction. But actually, he was just curious. So keep on telling him which is good and not to do, for example about throwing a toy, tearing a book, or stuffing a dirty object into the mouth. Nevertheless, always remember that he is not like an adult who can always understand and remember everything you say. just say 'no' if he does something inappropriate, then distract him.

In interpersonal relationships, he can feel anxious, especially if a stranger approaches him. This shows that your child is beginning to understand the surroundings. he can also cry when you are not around or out of his sight. At this age, it is natural that he has not understood that when his mother, for example, goes to work, his mother will come back again. He can also be aware of the change intonation and volume, so pity so he will cry when we say harshly.

7-month baby will become more expressive. he can follow when the people around him clap their hands. He can also wave and release 'Kiss Away' to relatives or people he knows close. At this age, he also can participate imitate the expression of others. For example, he will cry when he saw someone else crying. This is your chance to instill a virtue value because the baby will observe and imitate how you are behaving to others.

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Another thing to note

Baby's teeth will first begin to grow at the age of about 4-7 months and will continue to develop into complete. This development will make his gums may be itchy, so he constantly put his hand or the object he held into his mouth and bite it. at this time he will salivate more.

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Do not worry if your baby does not have the ability as described because the development of each child is different and unique. In the coming months, the ability to crawl will generally run very differently between one baby and another.

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