Do It, Because Communicating With Baby is Very Important

Do It, Because Communicating With Baby is Very Important - We can play, play jokes, and also communicate with our baby. although still small, the baby was able to respond to us since birth. He can recognize our voice and speech. We can also communicate with babies using baby language. This is because if we communicate using the baby language then he will try to answer it.

Do It, Because Communicating With Baby is Very Important

Do not think if the baby cannot be invited to communicate. After birth, the baby will communicate through smiles, laughter, or cry when they feel uncomfortable.

Long before he can speak, he has understood the words that we often say and are able to capture our emotions.

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The importance of getting the baby to talk

Communicating with a baby is something important. because the earlier we talk, the development of the ability of reading, writing, and interpersonal rapidly growing.

Long before the small begins to speak clearly, the baby has understood the general meaning of what we say, and he has also absorbed the emotional tone of the word.

Playing is the main way the baby learns how to move, communicate, socialize, and understand the surroundings. And during the first month of life, the baby will learn to communicate with you.

Our baby starts talking with the tongue, lips, palate, and teeth that grow to make a sound, this happens in the first month or two, and then it will be easier to babble.

The irregular words spoken by the baby will become a word we will hear like "mama" and "papa". Furthermore, our baby will take more words from us and the people around him.

Between the ages of 18 months to 2 years, the little one will start to form sentences with two to four words.

It does not matter if our baby does not fully understand what we are saying, but surely he is listening to our voices at all times and watching us smile at him. Usually, the baby will respond by turning to the sound source, blinking, or even laughing.

Trying to communicate with the baby, you will build up the ability to listen and communicate. Babies learn to speak by imitating the sounds they hear and pay attention to lips as we speak.

Babies who are invited to communicate will more quickly master other abilities, such as interacting with others, counting, and writing, because since childhood has been accustomed to responding to things around him.

Tips to talk to babies

Given the importance of talking to babies, parents need to pay attention to several things that can make the interaction more interesting and fun, including:

Speak as often as possible with short sentences and vocals clear.
We can use moments like feeding, drinking milk, bathing, or taking a walk. Say things like "You want to eat", "Wow, cold, yes", "Daddy come home" with full expression.

View and collapse the object you are talking about. From the age of six months, he will start looking at your index finger. That way he will quickly associate the word you are saying with the object in question.

Read a colorful picture story of him. although you can not understand the story, he will be happy to see the colors and listen to your voice.

From the age of 7 months, the baby will begin to understand short words like "No", "Come", "Eat", "Father". He will understand and react to the expressions you show when saying certain things like "Fear" or "Pleasure".

Pair with singing sound or play a game.

Smile as often as possible to the baby, Look at the baby's eyes when changing diapers, breastfeeding, or when he will sleep.
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Close your face to his face and repeat certain simple words constantly, like "mama", "Eat".

Immediately give a response and add the vocabulary if he or she has started to say a word or two, even if you have not understood the meaning of his words.

Gain body movements to strengthen your words. Like flapping a hand when telling or saying the word "Bird" or stretching out the hand while saying the word plane

No need to worry if our baby has not shown a sign that he responds to our speech. Each baby grows and develops in a unique and different way and time. The important thing is that we always communicate with babies every day. Starting a conversation with him creatively will not only make you smile happy but will also stimulate the child's development

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