3 Best Ways You Can Use For Sterilize Baby Bottles

3 Best Ways You Can Use For Sterilize Baby Bottles - Sterilization of milk bottles is a very important activity to protect the baby's digestion. Although not necessarily done every day, but in certain circumstances, baby bottles need to be in sterilizes.

3 Best Ways You Can Use For Sterile Baby Bottles

Babies are still very susceptible to various diseases. Things that are not harmful to adults could endanger the lives of babies.

A bottle of milk that is not in sterilization can increase the risk of viral infections, parasites, and bacteria that can attack the baby's digestive tract, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Sterilization of milk bottles should be done especially if the water used to wash milk bottles is not guaranteed cleanliness or when the baby is sick. In addition, sterilization of milk bottles also needs to be done since the first is purchased.

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The best way to sterilize milk bottles

Do you need to sterilize baby bottles? It is recommended to immediately wash the milk bottles that have been used and do not wait for the milk to dry.

Remove any parts of the bottle, such as pacifiers and lids. Wash as usual under running water with soap until clean from the rest of the milk. Better to use warm water and clean bottle brush.

Three main ways you can choose to sterilize milk bottles

Sterilization using electric sterile machine

When can i stop sterilizing baby bottles? if you use sterilization mechine. This method only takes about 8-12 minutes. If the bottle is stored in a sealed container, the sterilization results can last up to about 6 hours.

Place these bottles face down to keep them completely sterile. Most of these sterilization machines can sterilize six bottles at once, plus places for other components such as pacifiers. But make sure you do not include unsafe sterilized equipment such as pumps. Disadvantages of this way is sometimes we do not have electricity only

Sterilize milk bottles with microwave

This method takes 90 seconds, make sure the bottle cap is open when inserted so as not to cause broken milk bottles.

In addition, you can also place a steamer for a microwave that takes about 3-8 minutes. This sterilization result can last up to 3 hours if the bottle is placed in a sealed container.

Boil bottles

How to sterilize baby bottles in boiling water?

Hot water in a pan to boiling. Then put all parts of the bottle of milk that has been removed every part of the pan, and let stand for 5-10 minutes.

Lift and dry on a dry, clean towel. As much as possible avoid using the same pot for other purposes such as cooking.

Wash your hands before reassembling a sterilized bottle of milk and perform this step until you are at least one year old.

This is how to sterilize baby bottles without a sterilizer

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