Diaper Rash On Baby And How To Heal It

Diaper Rash On Baby And How To Heal ItRash in diaper area is inflammation of the baby's skin in a diaper-covered area.

Diaper Rash On Baby And How To Heal It

The cause of diaper rash

Diaper rash occurs in marks on the skin around the diaper becoming reddened. The pain of a diaper rash can make the baby fussy. Moreover, if baby keeps getting diaper rash, the skin is covered with diapers when in touch or cleaned often make the baby cry.

How babies get diaper rash? below is the cause of infants affected by diaper rash
  • Normal diaper rash is caused by a number of conditions such as:
  • Baby diapers are too wet and dirty because of pee or pop.
  • Baby's skin becomes sensitive due to exposure to chemicals contained in the diaper.
  • Fungal and bacterial infections.
  • The intake of solid foods that was first flown in infants.
  • Babies who take antibiotics and breastfed babies from mothers are taking antibiotics.
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Perform early treatment

What's the best cure for diaper rash? Early handling needs to be done so that diaper rash does not spread to other skin and disrupt the comfort of the baby.

Some ways to care for newborns or babies who are older than diaper rash, such as:
  • Wash hands thoroughly before digging for baby diapers.
  • Check the baby's diaper every few hours. Do not let baby diapers get wet and dirty by replacing them with new diapers.
  • Before changing a new diaper, clean baby's skin using clean water and a special skin cleanser for the baby. If you want to bathe, you should use warm water about 10-15 minutes.
  • Avoid rubbing diaper rash with alcohol or perfume. Tap the baby's skin carefully with a soft towel to dry.
  • Make sure the affected skin area of ​​the diaper rash is completely dry and clean before wearing a new diaper.
  • Occasionally let the baby not use diapers for a while.
That are most effective diaper rash treatment what we can do to make your baby's skin healthy again

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Overcome diaper rash with petroleum jelly

There are several ways how can you treat a diaper rash one of them is to use petroleum jelly. After cleansing the affected area with water and cloth rash, you can use petroleum jelly.

Benefits of petroleum jelly will form a protective layer on the skin, so it can help avoid irritation while reducing friction in the skin that experienced diaper rash 

Avoid using steroid cream on diaper rash, unless you get a recommendation from a doctor. In addition, the use of powder should also be done carefully and not excessive.

Powder on the baby's face and often inhaled can cause respiratory problems. Pour the powder first in your hand and then apply a thin layer and evenly spread in the area of ​​diaper rash.

Diaper rash can occur in case of irritation to the skin. Perform steps to overcome and prevent diaper rash on top. Consult a doctor if diaper rash affects your baby's comfort

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