Want to Apply Baby-Led Weaning. Notice This

Want to Apply Baby-Led Weaning. Notice This - When our baby is 6 months old, it's time to introduce complementary foods. Maybe you will be interested in using Baby-Led Weaning method when giving food. But before using this method, you need to pay attention first things important to this method.

Want to Apply Baby-Led Weaning. Notice This

What's baby led weaning

Baby-Led Weaning was first popularized in the UK and now has been done various countries. Baby-Led Weaning is an alternative method of feeding a chaperone without providing soft foods like puree, porridge, or gravy. Baby-Led Weaning is a method that lets your baby eat alone without feeding it with a spoon.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Baby-Led Weaning

Many parents unknowingly have used the Baby-Led Weaning method in their child. this is common in the second or later child when looking at and imitating his brother while eating together. He will try to take food and plates and bribe his own food into his mouth.

In general, parents who apply Baby-Led Weaning argue that your child can eat anything without having to feel afraid and difficulty when starting a more solid food. But this can not be proven yet but the little one will be able to receive family meals very easily.

In addition, there are several other benefits of this Baby-Led Weaning method

  • Can train baby's chewing skills.
  • Introducing a variety of foods in infants, so as to explore flavor, texture, aroma, and color.
  • Building healthy eating habits with family.

But this method has the disadvantage of eating a messy and wasteful. Imagine when the baby is eating while playing by throwing food floor so much food is wasted and make the necessary nutrients will be reduced.

In addition, babies may also have difficulty chewing some foods such as meat that is less tender, but the food is a source of iron that is needed by the baby. Because since the age of six months the baby needs iron from food

Tips on applying the Baby-led weaning method

Starting baby led weaning

The most important thing in applying Baby-led weaning is to always accompany your child. This is to avoid your baby choking on food when consuming whole foods.

How to do baby led weaning? In order for Baby-led weaning method to run well, consider the following tips before giving food to your baby.

Note the readiness of the little one

Not forcing Baby-Led Weaning method on baby, wait till she is ready. A clearly visible sign is when the baby's neck is strong and can sit in its own chair. The baby is also quite capable of moving food to the back of his mouth using the movement of the upper and lower jaws

Use a special dining chair

Let your baby sit in a special baby dining chair, so he used to eat in place. Do not forget to keep being watched during the meal, even though he can already feed himself.

Keep giving breast milk

Although it can be food in this way, the provision of breast milk or formula milk should continue, because the largest source of nutrition for children aged 10-12 months comes from breast milk. Provision of breast milk can be done in between meals

Start with soft foods

Introduce soft foods such as ripe fruit, egg yolks, minced fish, soft meat, cereals, cooked pasta, and vegetables to make it more edible

Prepare a handy meal

Give cooked and tender foods and cut lengthwise. This form of food is the easiest to apply when applying this method. Because the shape is long and thin making it easier to hold or grasp

Do not give food that makes choking

Some foods may be appropriate if given to introduce the type of food for this method. Suppose the raisins, strawberries, whole grapes, hard fruits and vegetables, corn and whole flesh.

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Pay attention to food nutrition

Provision of food either by conventional methods (provision of porridge and puree) or BLW, both should be equally concerned with nutritional intake. In the food given should contain high calories and contain iron, zinc, protein, and healthy fats to support the process of growth and endurance.

Eating together

The easiest way to apply BLW is to let the Little eat together at the dinner table with other family members.

baby led weaning schedule

You can also make a schedule to do the activities of baby led weaning so we can watch it and also we can do with family

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