Problems With Baby's Skin and How To Treat It

Problems with baby's skin and how to treat it - Taking care of a baby that is still considered a baby, it is not easy. Mother in demands to always keep clean, because skin diseases can affect anyone, not least the baby mother.

The newborn baby skin condition is susceptible to a variety of rashes and other skin problems. Fortunately, most of the rashes are harmless and can disappear by themselves

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Skin problems are common in infants

Itching on the skin of the reflex will make your baby scratch, and it can make his skin blisters. Of the mother does not want your baby's skin so it turns red, scaly, and itchy because of various skin problems that can attack the baby. For that, Mother must know what causes the skin problem of the baby.

The following are some of the skin problems like baby acne or rash that babies often experience and how to avoid them.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat is a small red and protruding rash that feels itchy and can cause a stinging or sore sensation, such as piercing the skin.

Sweat puffs can appear anywhere on a person's body, but usually appear on the neck, face, back, chest or thigh area a few days after exposure to hot temperatures.

Infants and children are more at risk of prickly heat, it's because their sweat glands have not fully developed.

Some ways we can do to treat prickly heat in infants is to use a loose shirt with a language that absorbs sweat, move the baby to a cooler place, use a cotton towel to absorb sweat, bathing the baby using warm water.

In addition, we can also use a powder containing Witch Hazel and Calamine which can help skin that itches and can help protect skin from irritation.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash usually occurs in infants and children under 2 years of age and is around the diaper area. Most diaper rashes are caused by the small friction of the sensitive skin of the baby with the wet diaper.

This condition will cause the red skin in the diaper area. In addition, diaper rash is also caused by fungi and allergies.

How to handle newborn baby skin rash?

The skin of the baby should be clean using baby soap with a very mild chemical content and avoid to rub the baby's skin because it can make irritation.

Also frequently change the diaper to keep baby's skin dry and clean, and do not use tissues containing alcohol or perfumes to clean the skin of the baby.

Also use a special cream for your baby that contains Zinc Oxide, Allantoin, and also Witch Hazel

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Acne in infants

Although this is a common condition and often occurs, but the cause of acne in infants is still not known for sure.

Acne on a baby is defined as a small red bump or acne that develops on the face or body of the child.

Usually, acne will disappear by itself, even without any treatment. Just like acne in adolescents and adults, acne in a baby-shaped lump or nodule, like acne in general. This acne can grow on the face of the child, but more often on the cheeks and even their backs.

To help treat this problem doctors usually will give a cream or ointment. Do not use acne medication, face washing soap, and lotion without doctor's advice, because baby's skin is very sensitive and it can worsen the acne of the child.

To prevent the coming of acne in infants, we can use a special soap for babies that contain kayaks will antioxidants that can help fight diseases such as acne

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