8 Easy Ways To Calm Crying Baby

8 Easy Ways To Calm Crying Baby - When you fall asleep babies often look calm when they fall asleep. but suddenly this changed and they could cry very loudly. Do not worry, there are some things you can do to calm the baby.

8 Easy Ways To Calm Crying Baby

Hearing a baby who cries constantly may make the parents panic and depressed.

Knowing the cause of the baby crying can ease a little of your stress.

In addition, it will be easier also for you to find ways to ease the cry of the baby if you know the cause that makes the baby cry.

The reason babies cry and how to calm him

Crying is the way the baby communicates and communicates discomfort or need something.

Suppose they feel hungry, the pain. itch or they do not like to be placed somewhere.

What should parents remember babies used to crying and it is not because of our fault or because of our ability as parents in doubt?

Most babies cry because they have difficulty in adjusting to life outside the womb.

Light, color, texture, sound, as well as new sensations such as hunger or the desire to throw away the wind,  can be very exciting for the baby.

Mothers can make conditions while in the womb to calm the baby or can try the following ways

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Baby wrapping cloth

Wrap the baby with a cloth that has a soft texture. by swaddled the baby makes them feel safe and comfortable, and help them fall asleep.

Curled position

When in the womb, the baby spends most of its time in a curled position, holding or lying in this position can make the baby feel comfortable.

But when the baby is in this position you have to keep watch and then you can put the baby position in the supine position if the baby is no longer crying.


Whispering "shhh" sounds can calm newborn babies because it is similar to the usual droplets that surround themselves with the uterus.

Also, do not hesitate to talk quietly to your baby. because the tone of the mother's voice is the most effective way to calm the baby.


Swinging or shaking the baby with a constant movement will remind her while still in the mother's stomach.

Sucking baby's finger

Sucking dots or fingers is a good relaxation for babies. make sure this is your last step if the four steps above have not been successful.

Giving a dot really tends to solve the problem, but not the first good way to calm your baby.


The touch can stimulate receptor feeling comfortable in the baby's brain. Research also suggests that a gentle touch along the baby's body is more effective than a short touch with fast movement.

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Sing a song with a slow tempo with a soft voice. It turns out that singing can also calm the baby because the human body responds to the sound of the song by means of heart rate and sense of taste according to the tempo of the music that is heard.


The sound of running water and warm water in the skin can be a solution to overcome the cries of the baby. Or we also have a bath with the baby because the skin contact is also beneficial in calming the baby.

Many parents feel confused in calming the baby. Importantly, parents should stay calm. If we stress, then the baby can feel the tension we feel and tends to react negatively and the baby gets stronger.

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