Think Again. Can Your Child Eat Spicy Foods?

Think Again. Can Your Child Eat Spicy Foods? - For most people spicy taste is one of the most favorite flavors that we often consume.

Think Again. Can Your Child Eat Spicy Foods?

If we are adults then we can eat spicy food, but what about the little one. Can you give spicy food to your baby?

Spices are not limited to chili and pepper alone. But it includes garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and others.

Usually, chili is added to the food as a flavor enhancer, in addition, it turns chili can also be beneficial for health.

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The time is right for your little one to taste the spicy taste

Some parents already provide food containing spices with a spicy flavor from the beginning of the child began to eat solid foods.

They argue that by introducing spicy foods earlier, children will adapt quickly to adult foods.

Actually, we mother eat spicy food while still breastfeeding the baby, then the spicy taste will also be in the breast milk, so make your baby is familiar with the spicy taste.

However, giving spicy food to the baby needs to be considered again. The pediatricians recommend waiting for your baby until your baby is one year old.

This is useful to prevent disorders that occur in the digestive and allergies in the baby.

Introduce spicy food gradually

If parents want to give spicy food, it is best to give a spicy food with a light feel first.

After the baby is 18 months old and already accustomed to a light spicy food, and so on.

But, be careful when giving a spicy chili. Because it is possible that the tongue and stomach of the baby are sensitive, so it is not resistant to spicy flavor.

In addition, we can also replace chili with other spices that can help the little ones to get acquainted with the taste of the existing food

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Grated ginger and one clove of garlic can be added to the baby's meal

Few grains such as sweet cinnamon and mustard seeds are fried with a little oil to add flavor to fried rice and vegetables

  • Turmeric powdered cumin, coriander, and coriander on a good culinary type.

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom can be added to sweet foods such as pudding or oatmeal.

  • Mint or coriander leaves can be used as an ornament of vegetables, curries, and rice

Adding spices like manuscripts in a baby is a natural way that can give a varied flavor to the food without having to add sugar and salt.

Excess sugar and salt in infants under the age of 1 can make the baby's kidney work too heavy or cause health problems in the future.

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