Tips If The Baby Does Not Want To Drink Breast Milk

Tips If the baby does not want to drink breast milk - This may happen, where when the child does not want to drink breast milk.

Tips If the baby does not want to drink breast milk

Being a mother of course there are some challenges in taking care of your baby. There are many new things that you will face.

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One of the phases that often makes many moms confused is during breastfeeding. There are times when your baby does not want to drink breast milk.
  • If this happens then the mothers should not panic and worry because this can be overcome in the following way below.
  • Try to drip milk on the nipple, or on the baby's mouth to be able to make him want to be breastfed again. But if he still does not want to feed then do not continue and try again later.
  • Try to replace breastfeeding position. When the child's nose is clogged, carry him in a position so that his nose can be a little relieved when drinking milk.
  • Choose is a quiet place and no interference and try to re-feed the baby. Who knows he was disturbed by the sounds that are around.
  • If your child is teething, preferably before starting to drink milk, rub gums first slowly with a cold towel.
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Tips above you can do so that the baby wants to suckle again with mother. if the above tips do not work then you should immediately to consult directly with the doctor so that your child get the best treatment



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