Tips How To Improve Breast Milk

Tips How To Improve Breast Milk  - Many problems can occur that can reduce the production of breast milk.

How To Improve Breast Milk

And if this happens then it is likely to make the baby cry because of hunger and make the mothers become more worried.

For those of you who are new moms and experiencing problems where breast milk is produced a little.

Maybe you can follow the ways or steps to make breast milk that is produced a lot and can make the baby become healthier.

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Monitor baby's weight

Frequently to monitor the baby's weight as often as possible. This is because the baby who gained weight, indicating she has enough breast milk and also a healthy baby.

Drink plenty of water

Try to drink mineral water as much as 8 glasses in a day. Eat high nutritious foods, and make sure the number of calories needed by the mother breastfeeding more than 1800 calories per day

Give the baby breast milk as often as possible

Be sure to give your baby breast milk as often as possible. You can give breast milk at least 8 times a day and if more will be much better.

Give breast milk from each other alternately

Giving milk to your baby from both breasts will increase breast milk from both breasts.

If you use one breast alone it can cause your breast nipples to be scuffed or wounded and this may result in reduced milk production.

Gently massage the breasts

Gently massage the breasts with baby oil, then compress with a warm washcloth will increase milk production in your breast.

Do the correct breastfeeding technique

You can check your breastfeeding position, whether the baby's mouth is already sticking properly or not. this is so milk can come out.

Avoid using pacifiers

Avoid using pacifiers and milk bottles, in the first few weeks. Because, if the baby feeds on the mother's breast and bottle of milk in turn, will make the baby confused and difficult to adapt.

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Use a breast pump

If the mother has more breast milk, and the baby is full, then it is recommended to pump milk and store it in the refrigerator.

This is because if not, then the milk will drip out of the mother's breast and in suggest to use the pump with the machine. as this will increase your milk production.

Eat nutritious meals

It is recommended for nursing mothers to eat many foods that contain high nutrients.

This is evidenced if you eat foods with high nutrients it will be able to increase production of milk

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