Magic Touch Is Needed By Newborn Baby

Magic Touch Is Needed By Newborn Baby - Newborns will usually be cleared, weighed and also measured in length. Then, the baby will be given to his mother to give breast milk the first time.

Did you know that the magic touch between the mother's skin with her baby is very important especially after the baby was born. currently many hospitals are advising that newborns come into contact with their mother before they are cleaned.

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The touch of mother and baby skin can be said to be magical because without us knowing it provides many benefits for baby's health.

Here's the reason why a newborn needs the magic touch of her mother's skin

Keep your baby's breathing steady

At birth, a new baby is removed from a 'protective sac' inside the mother's abdomen. It can be very unloved by babies and they can make babies feel uncomfortable.

However, when the baby gets the touch and also the hug of the mother, he will feel safe and can make the baby's breathing becomes more stable.

It also can make the baby's heartbeat become regular and stable.

Prevent the baby from stress

By the time the baby is brought close to his mother and then placed on his mother's chest, the baby will not cry easily. Thus, they are also not easy to stress when they are acquainted with the new environment.

The world is a new environment for newborns and holding in her mother's arms makes her feel more calm.

This unstable habit also affects the baby during the following days.

Make blood sugar and baby's body temperature stable

Not only mothers who experience changes in their bodies during childbirth, the baby also turned out to experience the same thing. Especially they can also experience a lot of pressure to get out and be born into their new world.

Being in touch and also in the arms of the mother when the newborn will help make the baby's blood sugar become more stable and also make the baby's body temperature to normal.

Make bonds between mother and baby

Skin touch between mother and newborn will form a very strong bond because the baby will immediately recognize his mother.

In addition, things like this are not only beneficial for babies, but also mothers. A mother who immediately touches their baby at the time of birth has a lower anxiety.

Hugging their babies is also able to reduce the pain felt by a mother after childbirth.

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Build baby instinct

When the baby is directly in the touch and in a hug by his mother, the baby will immediately build his instinct to drink milk.

This is of course very good, especially if the mother plans to give breast milk exclusively.

Even if the mother does not want to give breast milk, hugging the baby will give comfort and also the feeling of being loved.

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