12 Tips How To Taking Care Of Newborn Baby

12 Tips How To Taking Care Of Newborn Baby - For new parents, especially those who have just been given a gift of a child, would have experienced confusion and asked how to care for newborns.

There are some things you should be obliged to know for new parents who want to take care of your newborn baby.

Many things you must know to care for newborns because some things that cause newborns should be treated specially.

Care of Newborn Baby's Pie Rope

Newborn care is the main and must be considered is the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord Newborn care is the main and must be considered is the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord of a newborn must be well noticed because this area is easily infected with infection.

If the umbilical cord of a newborn is accidentally exposed to water during a bath, then you are obliged to immediately dry with a sterile cotton without giving any liquid.

The baby's umbilical cord will break off by itself within 1 to 2 weeks after the baby is born, but it may be faster or slower.

Caring for baby's eyes

Taking care of the baby's eyes for a newborn does not require special care. In the eyes of the baby, there is a source of tears located at the top of the eye.

Every 3 seconds, the source of this tear wears a tear, which then flows into a channel at the center of the eye that is close to the nose.

In the newborn baby the source of her tears still does not exist and thus, the channel is still closed.

When the baby's tears start to stagnate or not flowing then there is a germ that will cause eye droppings and this can be very dangerous for the cornea of the eye.

To clean it you can use clean cotton with a little warm water and you can massage every baby's eyes.

Newborn skin care

Caring for newborn skin is one of the most important things. This is because the baby's skin is still sensitive and the parents are obliged to treat it so as not to get infected and injured.

Newborn skin is a target for germs so parents are required to bathe your baby once a day.

You can bathe the baby by making it with warm water or by wiping the baby with a wet towel soaked in warm water.

Try to choose a baby bath soap that contains vitamin pro B5.

It is very useful to be able to care for baby's skin health, provide comfort and keep baby's skin smooth.

In order to keep baby's skin moist and can avoid drought, parents should use baby oil that contains vitamin E and can make baby's skin remains smooth.

To prevent prickly baby skin sweat, you can keep your room temperature comfortable, do not let your baby's warm and keep the baby room ventilation good.

For a newborn baby, you just give a special powder baby that contains vitamin B5 to keep baby skin smooth and also soft

Sprinkle baby powder, especially on the folds around the baby's body.

Newborn scalp treatment

The most annoying is the cradle crap is caused baby's scalp polluted by air and dust.

To overcome this, you should clean the scalp baby with warm water after being given medicine from a doctor but not too much because it will peel itself.

You can also use baby oil on the head and then let stand for 10 to 15 minutes then you can massage gently and carefully then clean the baby's head with warm water.

To prevent it, parents are advised not to wear a baby hat inside the house unless you are trying to get the baby out.

Baby hair care

To treat the newborn's hair does not require any shampoo at all. We can use celery leaves to stimulate its growth.

If you want to use shampoo can also, but you should select a shampoo that contains pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E, so that baby's hair stays healthy.

Newborn nose care

Caring for a newborn's nose is also very important. The nose has a natural cleanser and does not require special care.

If you see any fluid or nasal droppings coming out, you are enough to clean the outside of the nose.

If a baby has flu and a cold and there is a lot of mucus in the baby's nose, you can clean it by sucking the nasal fluid by sucking it gently by the mother or using a baby's nose aspirator.

You can cover one of the baby's nostrils and suck the hole next to it but do not suck your baby's nostrils at the same time.

If you suck the baby's two nostrils at once it will be very dangerous. because the flood can rise to the middle ear which can cause an infection in the ear

Newborn ear care

Actually, the inside of the baby's ear should not be for you to clean.

Parents are only allowed to clean if the dirt has reached the outside.

Use cotton buds that are moistened with warm water in order to keep baby dirt soft and easy to remove.

If you are afraid you can ask for help from a pediatrician or a specialist to help you clean baby's ear droppings.

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Newborn nail care

Nail care for newborns is very important. Since the baby is just born, your baby's nails may be scissors. But do it very carefully, do not let the skin on the nail is cut.

After your baby's nail scissors should also clean your baby's nails, this is so that the rest of the baby's nails are not affected because it is very dangerous.

It is advisable to cut baby's nails at the time the baby is asleep, and you can ask someone for help holding hands to keep the baby's hands moving.

You are also advised to use a special baby nail clippers that cutter parts are round so that the nail skin is not cut.

Baby buttocks treatment

Newborn baby buttocks are very important because the baby's body part of this one is often exposed to problems,

This part of the baby's body is the most commonly affected part of the wet diaper, causing irritation and infections and itching in infants.

To prevent irritation it is recommended that you often clean this section with warm water and it is recommended that you use cloth diapers until the baby's skin is good enough.

Provide breast milk every time

During the first month of the newborn, hunger is the main cause of the baby crying.

Therefore, giving baby food is the most effective way to stop the baby's tangling. You can give breast milk to the baby as often as possible in the morning, afternoon, and also night.

The reason the newborn is hungry and crying is that because it is something new for the baby. Because, in the mother's womb, the baby is accustomed to receiving all food intake continuously through the placenta so that the baby will not feel hungry.

You are advised to give breast milk as often as possible so that the baby does not starve.

Babies often defecate

Urination and defecation, for newborns, will occur very often and not scheduled. So parents should often check the diapers in the baby.

For babies, frequent urination is a good thing, because this is a sign of the baby is enough to consume breast milk.

Do not delay to change the diapers in the baby, because this can cause the baby to cry because it is wet and uncomfortable.

See also urine and also the baby's fases, as this can be a measure of the baby's health.

baby's infant stool given exclusively breast milk will be shaped softer and not too smelly.

And the advise to immediately clean and change baby's diaper and apply baby skin with special cream to avoid emergence of diaper rash

Choosing a baby toy

Toys for newborns is something that can not be separated from newborn care.

In addition to entertaining the baby, but baby toys can introduce the baby a variety of forms and also train the eye muscles to be more focused.

It is recommended to you, parents to choose baby toys that choose bright colors and colorful.

Toys that move and release a song that can be placed in the crib will stimulate the baby's vision and hearing senses.

Dolls that have soft fur will please the baby at the time the baby is touching.

That is 12 Tips How To Taking Care Of Newborn Baby, thanks  

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