How To Carry a Newborn Baby Until The Age Of 8 Months

How To Carry a Newborn Baby Until The Age Of 8 Months - Holding a funny baby is a very fun activity, especially for parents.

How To Carry a Newborn Baby Until The Age Of 8 Months

But if we do not carry it properly, then this can be bad for the baby. And if this is not fixed then this could have a fatal impact.

Therefore, we parents are obliged to know how to hold baby according to baby age so that baby remains safe and healthy.

How to hold a baby must vary depending on the age and parents should know the technique to hold the baby so we are not wrong and injure the baby.

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How to hold baby 0-3 months old

The technique of carrying a baby at this age is by bending your body toward a baby who is supine.

Slip your hand toward the baby's neck to support the baby's head, put your other hand on the back of your child's body to support the back and the buttocks of the baby.

Next put the baby's head, neck, and also the baby's back on the folds of the elbow of the left hand or right hand.

While the other palms support the bottom of the baby and the legs in the support of the arm.

Position your child close to your chest so that he feels comfortable.

When the age of the baby is more than 2 months you can also hold the baby upright with the baby's head on the shoulders and facing backward.

lean the baby's chest on your the chest and tip the neck with one hand and the other support the child's back.

and make sure the baby's position is leaning towards your chest so that the little guy's position rests against you.

How to hold baby aged 3-6 months

At the age of 3-6 months, babies are usually happier if the baby in the carriage in a sitting position facing forward.

This is because the baby can already sit on his lap and he will not feel comfortable if in lying.

At the age of the baby has been in 4 months the baby's position is more flexible, he can be carried with a face towards the front or rear.

Then at the age of 5 months, you should use the carrying tool while carrying the baby because the baby's body is getting heavier.

The position of the child can be on the holder at the waist, at the front of the abdomen with the opposite position, with the support using one arm.

At this age, the baby can be easier and can be invited to activity together while carrying the little one.

How to hold baby over 6 months old

At this age the baby is not so fragile, the bones and muscles are also stronger so they can carry it with various positions.

For example, with a one-handed holder that subscribes to the bottom of the baby and the other hand is circled in the baby's abdomen, sitting position with the body part of the baby half face to face with our body.

In this position, both your hands support the bottom and the waist of the baby can also you use the carrying tool with a sitting position.

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How to hold baby over 8 months old

At the age of the baby has been into the 8 months, parents are still recommended to carry the baby.

Nevertheless, the child must also be given the opportunity to explore all the abilities, whether on the floor or on the mattress.

At the age of 8 months, this baby can crawl, learn to stand, propagate and even walk.

How to hold a baby at the same age as in carrying a baby at the age of 6 months and over

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