Educative Baby Games For Ages 1-3 Months

Educative Baby Games For Ages 1-3 Months - Playing is a learning medium for babies. Play activities are not restricted like just using ready-made toys.

Educative Baby Games For Ages 1-3 Months

We can make games for babies in our own way so that our baby can learn with various toys that exist.

The most important thing is you and your baby can still enjoy a very pleasant interaction.

So there is no need to fill your baby's room with toys.

Enough with a doll only. For example, coupled with a bit of cereativity, there will be many games to do with the baby.

We can make a game like by making the existing doll can speak so that the vocabulary that can be caught the little one grew.

Cheap and simple games can be much more rewarding compared to super-complete toys that have very expensive prices.

Provided that parents can change the simple toy into a means that can stimulate the senses of the little child.

We can see the benefits that can be on a toy, whether it can stimulate the baby's sense of touch, the sense of hearing, the sense of sight, sharpening concentration, teaching the baby to quickly crawl, sit and others.

Thus, parents can know what can be done with the game.

Quite a lot of games can be used to make games given to babies.

But keep in mind if the baby at this age is still very limited, the hand of the little one still likes to clenched, the view of the little one is still not developed well enough.

Nevertheless, he has been able to see large objects and hearing the little one is also working properly.

For you parents who want to find toys for children aged 1-3 months.

Then the following is a toy list for infants aged 1-3 months

A baby toy that has a sound

You can choose a baby toy that has a funny and interesting shape. Play the toy that sounds in front of the baby. Shake it so it makes a sound.

It would be better if when to shake the toy, the parents sing a song.

When the baby looks at the toy, move it to the left and right, and continue to accompany it with the song.

Keep moving the toys to different places in the room and watch as your baby turns and moves his head. Give your child a chance to hold the toy

The sounding toy is not only able to hone the baby's hearing senses, but also the sight and nerves of smooth motion when holding the toy.

Textured baby toys

These toys can make the baby feel different senses. look for a doll or toy that is textured and made from soft, rough to solid.

Try to touch the baby's arm with the various toys, start with a toy with a soft material, then continue with a toy that has a rough or solid material. Let your child to hold the toy.

Baby doll-shaped puppets

You can find a funny doll that is medium size. Recommend the doll to the baby and let him touch it.

After that you create a kind of dialog between the doll with the baby and you can say things that are currently being done.

For example, when changing diapers, tell if baby diapers should be replaced so that the baby can sleep comfortably.

You can describe any activity, such as taking a powder, dripping in eucalyptus oil or when putting on a baby shirt.

If you can, change your voice to the doll's voice and use a variety of high, low, singing, and so on.

In addition to stimulating the baby's language skills, but also this toy as well as the baby's hearing senses.

Hanging baby toys

Look for a toy that can hang on the baby's bed, with a variety of shapes and colorful.

toys like this are very useful for parents when changing baby diapers or in spare time.

Try hanging up a colorful ball, then spin slowly. Long time the little guy will want to grab the ball

Hanging toys are not only useful for sharpening eye coordination as well as baby's hand, but also can introduce the child in various colors.

Large ball-shaped toys

Such a ball is perfect if used as a buffer baby 3 months old.

Try to place the baby's body above the ball toy, then place the baby's stomach on the ball.

Keep baby tight. slowly, roll and play the ball back and forth.

This activity is very good when accompanied by a song. this swinging motion can calm the baby, and also stimulate the baby's brain development.

In addition to the game that has been mentioned above, it turns out the parents can also make an interesting game for your little one by using an existing toy.

Here we can imagine making games that can make the little laugh.

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